POLITICAL candidates come out of nowhere and court everyone for their precious votes. All types of sophism and gimmickry are being employed simply to win the sympathy of the Filipino people. Jingles and songs, use of personalities, use of anagrams and double-edged words and fallacies are employed by political thinkers simply for name recall on the May 10 polls.

Survey results are being tampered to show that the candidate is now leading and might change public perception. “Twisting of the truth” is the name of the game.

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There was a story that was told to me about an African tribe where the people were bitten by a fly and they all forgot what the leader has done to them. The leader in return vowed to protect the fly from all that would try to kill it. One day, the fly also bit the leader of the tribe and surprisingly, the leader killed the fly. It was because of the bite that he also forgot his vow to the fly.

Today, we see people running back in the political arena. They have supporters and even some who deserted them are now back to them. Look at the roster of people who are running. You have people in there who have deserted the nation and are now coming back to get a piece of the political pie. Politics in the Philippines is simply great and rotten.

Philippine politics had been so degraded much that it is stinking and is rotting very fast. It needs the blood of the courageous and the vigilance of the young people in order for it to restore its glory. Yet, today, it seems that dirty politics and patronage politics have even corrupted the minds of the young people. It does not only affect those who are politically involved but it has even affected the lives of simple Filipinos. Nobody understands the virus that has corrupted Philippine politics.

High fever has hit majority of the Filipinos today because of politics. Many flies had bitten the critical minds that many have forgotten the realities and disasters that these political figures had brought to the country. I cannot understand how fast we forgot the things and evils that these political creatures did to our beloved country.

I am very pessimistic of the coming automated elections. It seems that cheating in the country had evolved into something which is very hard to detect. Automated cheating is something which we are not prepared of. I am fearful of the after effects of the automated elections. It seems that cheating is inevitable. No one will have a copy of the counting except for the computer only. We have surrendered our rationality to the mechanisms of the computer. We are made to wait at the comfort of the machine. No one can tally manually the votes cast.

How sure are we that the machine could not make a mistake? How sure are we that there is no delay in the counting mechanism? How sure are we that it is counting our votes properly? These are questions that make me doubt this coming elections.

I agree that there is a need for us to participate. However, in this practice where the dignity and honor of the votes will be at stake, it is better to let the people understand that we love and honor our right of suffrage. It is better not to participate to let them know that we don’t adhere to their non-respect to us.

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St. Ezekiel Moreno and Pope John Paul II, pray for us.