WE WERE worried of the tremors during the last quarter of 2019. A lot of opinions and tips were posted online on how to survive calamities, not limited to earthquakes. We must also be cautious of fire and flash flood among others.

With the different forms of calamities heard and read in the news, it is only fitting that we thoughtfully decide what goes in our emergency bag, sometimes called go-bags.

If there’s something that we need to include in our New Year’s resolution, that’s to pack our go-bags more wisely.

Below are things which I believe are necessary contents of our go-bags in case of emergency based on what I have learned and what my instinct tells me. This is especially helpful if you have a toddler or an infant with you.

1. Whistle

2. Flashlights (with extra batteries)

3. Power banks and solar chargers

4. Important documents

5. Emergency kit (medicines, thermometer, bandages)

6. Non-perishable food and water

7. Few clothes

8. Baby carrier

9. Kid’s toy/s

Calamities also bring stress and discomfort to our kids. That’s why it is important that we bring along their favorite toy to distract and entertain them.

If you have pets, pack the essentials to keep them happy in an uncomfortable situation such as a few days’ supply of food, extra water, and any medications.

After completing the list, make sure the go-bags are located near the door or somewhere near the exit from where you can easily grab them in case of emergency.

It is also important to check once in a while that any medication, food or other perishable supplies have not expired. See to it that other items are still in working condition.

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