TODAY’S gospel talks about believing based on the testimony of witnesses. Jesus was quite disappointed why some people of his day did not believe him when they, in fact, believed in the writings of the prophets. The prophets wrote about him; he is the fulfillment of all prophecies, why then did they refuse to believe?

Jesus also mentioned that God the Father testified in his behalf. We all know for instance that in his baptism, a voice was heard from above saying, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

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But since the people cannot believe the Father’s testimony because they neither see nor hear the Father, Jesus’ invitation was for the people to believe in him based on the works he did. Many of these works were recorded in the gospels and/or narrated by the people who saw or experienced them — the miracles and wonders he has done such as in restoring the sight to the blind, bringing back the hearing of the deaf, cleansing the lepers, making the crippled walk, stopping a woman’s bleeding, curing all other kinds of diseases, raising the dead back to life, driving out demons, turning water into wine, multiplying the loaves of bread and the fishes, preaching the good news to the poor and announcing God’s invitation to repentance, new life and eternity. And as if all these were not enough, he later on offered his life on the cross, suffering and dying but after three days, resurrecting.

By his life, passion, death and resurrection, Jesus witnessed back of the Father’s love. He practiced the gospel of love that he preached even unto the cross of Calvary. Indeed, by doing so, he destroyed our death and restored our lives.

May we accept this timeless and priceless testimony of the greatest love story ever told.