THE series of consultations between administrators and students on the spate of tuition fee increases in the colleges and universities for the incoming academic year in the region is finally over this month.

Commission on Higher Education (Ched) regional director Dr. Freddie Bernal said most of the increases that higher education institutions will be implementing this coming June will be placed mainly on the increases of faculty salaries, equipment acquisition, and development of other services being offered by the colleges and universities.

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“Only tuition fee increases needed to be consulted with students as miscellaneous and other fees need not be consulted based on Ched Memo 13,” Bernal said.

Ched Memo 13 states that “in the region, the following schools have filed the following increases for the incoming academic year 2010-2011: University of the Cordilleras 10 percent increase in tuition, Luzon Nazarene Bible College 10 percent for tuition and other fees, University of Baguio for tuition and other fees, Kalos Mission Arts College 20 percent, Baguio College of Technology 12 percent for tuition and other fees, and San Pablo Seminary 15 percent also on tuition and other fees.

The schools that increased their tuition for incoming freshmen are Baguio Central University, STI College-Baguio, Saint Louis University, Easter College, and BVS College.

Meanwhile, Cordillera Career Development College will not increase their tuition but only their Baguio Benguet Educational Athletic League (BBEAL) or Cordillera Higher Education Sports Athletics Association (Chesaa) fees by 100 percent. (JM Agreda)