THE University of the Cordilleras (UC) is tying-up with various schools in Southeast Asia and Australia for its graduates to earn global recognition.

The tie-up would help address “deficiencies” of the country’s curriculum especially in basic education compared to the rest of schools in the world, said UC president Ricardo Pama adding that the country lacks two years of basic education.

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It’s part of the academic projects of UC, which is currently working on an autonomous status.

“Graduates of UC will have better chances of employment,” Pama said.

In three years, Pama said graduates will have two diplomas, one from UC and a certificate or diploma from their Australian counterpart.

UC will also tie up with three universities in China in the fields of Nursing, Management and ethnic studies. In Thailand, is on information technology and nursing.

In Indonesia, discussion is now ongoing for a tie-up with a network of 40 colleges and universities for tie-up in the fields of nursing, management and English. (Rimaliza Opiña)