HE’S not even president yet but Liberal Party standard bearer Senator Benigno Aquino III is already saying that if he gets elected – and that’s a big if - he will create a commission patterned after the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) that will continue the unfinished business of reviewing the many scandals that rocked the Arroyo administration like the “Hello Garci” issue, the aborted ZTE national broadband network deal, the fertilizer scam, among others.

The announcement by the presidential frontrunner only served to expose the fact that he’s not even president, yet he’s already as vengeful as his late mother’ regime. It’s like shooting ourselves in the foot, and it proves that Noynoy is indeed truly his mother’s son.

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Recall how President Cory went after everything associated with the Marcoses -- and accomplished nothing for nine years. We are in complete agreement with the observation that “vindictive and vengeful” are the words that best describe the Cory administration!

Indeed history has a strange way of repeating itself and the question now is: where Cory failed, will her copycat son succeed?

Meanwhile the real polls in May will show if Noynoy’s attacking gameplan will get him elected. His unrelenting emphasis on being the angel who will put an end to corruption (even if it is now linked to uplifting the poor, i.e., “Walang mahirap kung walang corrupt”) may or may not stop his well-documented slide, and it may be too late to start putting out a more positive, forward-looking message.