THERE are more or less 50 days before we go to the polls. Between that final day and today, the protagonists are in for a hot contest, which emit rays more than the scorching heat of the sun.

What they need is a cooling off period. Will they care to play in a summer league to further fan the interests of their followers?

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Novero's Bomberos. Batapa Sigue-Sigues. Golez Doctors. Tan Canoes. Monico's Tamawos. Bing's Pink Panthers. Vlade Bloody Blades. Thadeus Judaseus. Gamboa Cum Boas. Palermo's Ninos.

Ten teams in 10 days of a round robin affair. Whatever their chosen event, it will jampack a gym or make a bowling alley gallery full of their fanatics.

This will make the campaign dough flow out early of their money bags. It will distort their budget but it will give named players a chance to show their wares and earn in case the teams use professionals or hired guns.

It will divert its game plan and adjust its strategy as to the release of the funds that will give them the upperhand. In sports, however, getting the lead is temporary. It can be erased in a blink of an eye or after getting out of the relief bin.

Beers will flow, corns will pop, beverages in rainbow colors will brighten the sports arenas. It will be a big party every schedule as there is no need to summon and gather their ilks and supporters.

Their own people will come and crowd the game venues, either to heckle, to distract, or simply to enjoy what product samples and free bless they can get.

Everybody will be happy - from the coaches, to referees, game officials, team managers, alalays, masahistas and those involved in the event and the team.

What this event need are major sponsors who will advertise their products. Maybe the teams can get a concession. After all there are a lot of job orders made from among their preferred and selected suppliers.

You can call it March Madness or April Fools Holidays. Question is: is it doable? Can it be done without the consent of those who will be involved?

This is a mad idea and there are many ways of killing ideas.

If this page goes straight to the waste can, we will not be surprised.

Happy hunting the Easter Eggs... bunnies.