GO RIDE a boat!

That's what everyone would do when they find themselves in the center of Texas. Where the vibrant city offers a blend of charm and color, where Tex-Mex meets Old West, where the cuisine is exciting and flavorful, the people are as warm as the weather and where the most popular and probably the most visited river in the country is -- the River Walk.

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It is called the American Venice, the River Walk aka Paseo del Rio, flows through the heart of the city. Romantic and relaxing, this boat ride will thrill with the sights and splendor of San Antonio as you as you cruise along the river.

Just when you thought you have seen the best hotels in the world with the best lobbies, this place will welcome you to their "largest hotel lobby in the world."

The River Walk artfully connects San Antonio's numerous downtown hotels, themed restaurants, shopping spots museums and the city's most exciting historical venues. All these along the river banks drowning you in excitement on a single boat ride. How's that compared to a walking tour?

With the splendor offered by this ride, it is no wonder why the River Walk is growing in popularity year after year. It has hosted millions of visitors yearly on the water trek around San Antonio no matter what season.

The winter brings a splash of exciting colors as the entire stretch of the river is brightened with dazzling lights as night falls while summer fills the air with music that takes the fiesta mood in everyone and spring's River Parade featuring the blossoming floats of flowers is a sight to catch.

Should you prefer to take the traditional way of traveling, walking, the pleasure is in no way diminished. Take the same route as the boat cruise along the river bank. Take as long as you want because you own your own time.

The network of walkways which is one story beneath the city is lined by bars and restaurants, so you can stop have a bite to eat, enjoy a cool margarita or shop before heading out further on your adventure.

Consider this your urban trek in San Antonio. While enjoying a cool walk along the tree shaded riverbank with drink on hand, the camera on the other, you will find that you are connected to the city's important tourist draws -- the Alamo, the River Center, the Arneson River Theater, La Villita, the HemisFair Park, Tower of Life Building, San Antonio Museum of Art, the Pearl Brewery and many more.

My stay was short in San Antonio, but every minute spent in this city was surely worthwhile. And I must say that the River Walk is truly their jewel that they boast it to be. Not only did they save their city form flooding again, they managed to build one of the must-see places in Texas.

I don't mind taking the cruise again, and again, and again. Yes, whenever you find yourself in San Antonio, go ride a boat!