FOUR Dabawenyos who captivated the world are now being featured at SM Davao City in celebrating Davao’s 73rd charter anniversary.

In an exhibit dubbed "Davao to the World", showcased are furniture designer Ann Pamintuan, fashion icon Alfonso Guinoo, world pool champion Ghandy Valle, and world-class percussionist Micheal Alba.

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On display for viewing are Pamintuan’s award winning designs, Guinoo’s native inspired fashion creations, Valle’s medals and plaques, and a drum set owned by Alba.

Pamintuan made her mark by making jewelry out of organic materials such as vines, leaves, roots, flowers, and made them into lasting objects of beauty by welding and gilding. Pamintuan ventured into furniture design and her rather eclectic concepts gained numerous rave reviews among international accolades.

Alba, graduate of the famed Los Angeles Music Academy (LAMA), proudly proclaims his being a Dabawenyo to the world. He is a professional session drummer and percussionist, music arranger and director, and he also shares his talents as a clinic instructor. Other than drums, Alba also plays the piano, keyboards, trumpet and Indian table, making him a well-rounded musician. He was also proclaimed as Zildjian ambassador because of his impeccable mastery of the drums.

Valle is an accomplished pool player having competed in national and international billiards competitions. Among his notable achievements is the 1999 gold medal from the Southeast Asian Games in Brunei. He also won the first place in the 2005 San Miguel Asian 9-ball Challenge in Singapore.

Guinoo, dubbed as Mindanao's fashion czar, is known for integrating the designs and fabrics of Mindanao's cultural heritage into wearable pieces. His works has been showcased in fashion events around the globe. Apart from various recognitions, "Tito Boy" earned the city's Datu Bago Award in 2004. (Jade C. Zaldivar)