WE EASILY get overwhelmed everytime people tell us that our children inherit their intelligence from their moms. It’s actually both a compliment and a challenge.

Toddlerhood can be an exciting time for us to discover and learn about our children’s abilities and interests before they go to a formal school.

We can distinguish if they are either verbally-gifted (who are fascinated with letters and words) or mathematically-gifted (who love numbers, patterns, and even simple math problems).

There are a lot of age-appropriate activities at home which are helpful to expose our child to a variety of ways to captivate their mind.

1. Give them educational toys, books, charts. Temporarily keep away the other toys and offer them those that can help stimulate their brains. Make a schedule for this.

2. Sing the ABCs and count 1-10. Do this before bedtime and during bath time, and even during breastfeeding.

3. Allow them to watch nursery rhymes. NOTE: Do this with adult supervision. Limit it for an hour per day.

4. Talk to them. Let them narrate their day by describing the things they touch, see, hear, and smell, and allow to express how they feel.

5. Praise them. Kind words motivate them.

As parents, it is our responsibility to boost their brain while they are young. We also have to remember that different aspects of our child’s development flourish at different times. They mostly need exposure to different areas of learning and the opportunities to explore them.

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