Joint New Year’s Resolution 2020 for all the “New Years” in the world this year: Better late than never! Yes, better late than never, coming from this numerology denizen whose birth numbers describe her as a “late bloomer” in most, if not all, aspects of the life. And, indeed, a late bloomer I am—and so I try to be patient with my fellow late bloomers... *** What a busy year-end it was—and a busy first four weeks of the month—that I am “rallying” (in PMA cadet lingo) to write this SunStar Baguio column so that I could at least have one column on the first month of the year of “perfect vision” 2020! Father God, please do grant us perfect vision—and hopefully a third eye for me—so that I could know what is in store for me. About perfecting vision, let me share the phase in the life of Jesus Christ that I have been celebrating every first week of January for some time now: His baptism at the Jordan River by his elder cousin Saint John the Baptist. I believe that baptism by water cleanses our entire being, cleansing our vision included. I baptized myself with the drying-up water of the River Jordan some seven years ago. I would have loved to immerse myself but the river of old is now just a rivulet—and, besides, I was not dressed for immersion (which I regret). *** In numerology: 2020 equals four, which I will be touching on in future. *** As to the white metal rat that will reign during the lunar year starting January 25, is it one of the animals being accused of having brought on the killer Wuhan novel corona virus? I have crossed out “siopao” among my convenient snacks. *** Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2020 I am happy to have started the year right by completing the six-day “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2020” that itself started on January 20 (Monday) at the Baguio City First United Methodist Church along Marcos Highway. The theme of the week of prayer revolved around the “unusual kindness” that was shown by the residents of an island (Malta) to a shipwrecked crew that included the apostle Saint Paul in the year 60. Let me encode and share the “Words of Welcome” recited by a Methodist Pastor that serves as good backgrounder on the week of prayer that hopes to unite various Christian denominations and persons: “Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, we have assembled here to pray for unity among Christians and reconciliation in the world. Divisions among Christians have existed for many centuries. This causes great pain and is contrary to God’s will. We believe in the power of prayer. Together with Christians all over the world, we offer our prayers as we seek to overcome separation. The resources for this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity have been prepared by different Christian Churches in Malta. The history of Christianity in this small island nation dates back to the time of the apostles. According to tradition, St. Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, reached the shores of Malta in the year 60. The narrative describing this eventful and providential episode is conveyed to us in the final two chapters of the Acts of Apostles...” To be continued.