CAMP OLIVAS--- Local police has launched a manhunt operation recently to run after wanted “Basag Kotse Gang,” whose modus is to rob parked vehicles.

Police reported as of March 11, four victims were robbed by the Basag Kotse Gang, taking away thousands of worth of belongings.

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The report said that an Isuzu Crosswind (HLD-495) owned by Banjo Serrano, 41, of Barangay Betis, Guagua and a Toyota Innova (ZFF-405) owned by Angelito Vitug of Sta. Rita, both in Pampanga, were the first victims of the gang.

The vehicles of the two victims were parked along Jose Abad Santos Avenue (Jasa) to attend a meeting at the Liberal Party Headquarters when the suspects broke both of the windows of their vehicles.

A laptop worth P30,000 was taken from the vehicle of Serrano while a laptop worth P35,000 and P7,000.00 cash were looted from Vitug's Innova.

Still last week Mitsubishi Pajero (XNB-774) parked at Marquee Mall located at Pulong Maragul, Angeles City was also robbed by the gang.

The suspects carted away one laptop worth P50,000, a handbag containing P70,000, a BDO ATM card and passbook and a caliber .45 pistol.

Last February 20, the owner of an Isuzu van (BDU-360) also lost a DZKR D-500 camera worth P50,000.00 from the gang.

The said vehicle was parked a few meters from a barbeque house along MacArthur Highway in Barangay Dolores where the victims took their dinner. (Ric Sapnu)