THE perks of online selling for some moms include spending more time with their family and taking control of their time and their lives.

If you are a stay-at-home mom who wants to earn extra income while at home, let’s be inspired with these moms who just started online selling but are now gaining the trust of their customers through their quality products.


Rose Amy P. Nalugon

Bagimot’s Homemade Special Uyap and Chicken Pastil

It sounds ironic but her father’s death gave birth to their family business. Rose explained that her Dad was not able to fulfill his dreams of selling shrimp paste and chicken pastil when he was still alive. As a father’s girl, she got depressed from his loss but cooking and selling online helped her recover.

She manages to address concerns of her online business by setting schedule for cooking, buying more jar supplies, and keeping in touch with good customers.


Irene F. Bernaldez

Felicity’s Closet (customized tutu dress)

Irene gave up her career as a real estate company secretary to be a fulltime mom to Eli. Boredom and YouTube tutorials paved the way for her acquired skills in making tutu dress for kids and infants.

She encounters challenges like moms who cannot get the exact measurement for their child and late delivery of supplies and orders. Irene said that would be a little hassle but that’s part of her business.


Aika Alforque

Sweet Nathan’s Desserts (mango float, ube halaya, graham de leche)

Since she got overwhelming feedback from her friends who ordered her mango float, Aika started making other desserts like leche flan, mango graham de leche, ube halaya and ube yema. Her business supports her family and gives her time to take care of her toddler.

She has sleepless nights producing orders but everything is worth it. Mass production of orders may sometimes stress her out but it is also the best way to spend quality time with her son as she teaches her to help by mixing ingredients. She also treats her son to his favorite fastfood chain when delivering orders and meeting with customers downtown.

Rose, Irene, and Aika started from scratch but are now exploring their luck through online business. With consistency and determination, success can never be a pipe dream.

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