OMG! I’m slowly becoming a Kris Aquino fan! Not that being so is such an abominable thing to some people.

It’s just that a week ago, I divulged in this column that I’m not a fan of the “queen of all media,” but during the recent controversy involving Kris and Ruffa Gutierrez, I was inclined to side with the former.

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Last Sunday, I again saw Kris shedding copious tears and feeling so down because of the accusations hurled at her for being the “liability” of her brother Noynoy’s

presidential candidacy.

Although some sneered at her, many also sympathized with her. I saw the sincerity, the hurt and the effort she gave in support of her brother. She even highlighted the importance of a family that stays together no matter what.

It looks like every time I see Kris cry on national television (and global, too), I’m more and more becoming a fan of hers. OMG!


Two US-based performers who have Filipino blood are trying their luck in the country. They breezed into town last weekend.

AJ Tabaldo, an American Idol semi-finalist (in the batch of champ Jordin Sparks), and Bernie Ann (a favorite front act artist of many Filipino performers in their US shows) did a fund-raising concert at the Talisay City Sports Complex last Friday.

The beneficiary of the show was the Franciscans of Our Lady of the Poor Church.

The duo collaborated and released an album late last year containing the current hit Isang Katulad Mo (the carrier single and title of the album), a Vernie Saturno composition. The nine other songs contained are all originals including compositions of the artists themselves.

AJ is a dead-ringer for GMA 7 star Mark Herras. Bernie Ann, on the other hand, had beauty titles when she was still a child and had acting experience both in the movies and on TV.

She also performed in shows in both GMA 7 and ABS-CBN. The two are in the country to promote their album, among other things. Good luck!


The festival of the town of Ginatilan, called Hinatdan (that’s supposed to be where the town’s name was derived), has shown big improvements during its four years of existence.

I witnessed the developments having sat as a judge last year and also last Friday. Among other things, I noticed two unique features of the festival.

While others hold the showdown of the ritual immediately after the street dancing, the Hinatdan allows its dancers to take a break for at least two hours before the showdown begins.

The break allows the church activities to go on without being disturbed. What a harmonious co-existence.

While other festivals boast of breathtaking and sometimes death-defying stunts, Hinatdan prohibits such acts so as not to endanger its dancers. Even the use of risers is not allowed.

Despite that, the festival still can hold a candle with the other established festivals in the province.


The 10th anniversary celebration of Psalmstre Enterprises, which was capped by a fashion show featuring the designs of 10 of Cebu’s respected designers and three national beauty queens (Ms. Philippines-Earth 2007 Jeanne Harn, Bb. Pilipinas-Internatonal 2008 Patricia Fernandez and Ms. Earth 2008 Karla Paula Henry) also had a

video presentation of how the company grew through the years from its simple beginnings.

It was so inspiring see and know that Psalmstre’s prexy, Jim Acosta, had only P54,000 when he decided to go full throttle with the business he wanted to concentrate on.

And it started here in Cebu! I admire the guts and the determination. Congratulations, Jim!

That same day, Psalmstre’s VP Vic Acosta celebrated his 27th (is that right?) birthday and, as generous as he always is, treated some friends to a late nigh chow at the Mooon Café in IT Park.

Wishing you many more years to come, Vic!