THE only guy who beat Manny Pacquiao in the last 10 years wants another crack at the WBO 147-pound champion.

Erik Morales, who scored a unanimous decision win against Pacquiao exactly five years ago today, wants a fourth match with Pacquiao.

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However, Morales still has former world champion Jose Alfaro to hurdle.

Morales is ending more than two years of retirement to face Alfaro for the vacant WBC international welterweight title on March 27 in Mexico.

However, this early, he already wants to face Pacquiao and even their series at two wins each.

“The two opponents who have defined my career are Junior Jones and Manny Pacquaio,” Morales said in a report posted at

“Defeating Jones was important to me because he had stopped something like 32 Mexicans in previous fights.”

Morales, who knocked out Jones in round 4, also considers his win over Pacquiao as the greatest accomplishment.

“I remember seeing him cry after our fight. I would love another chance at Pacquiao and I also look forward to fighting Juan Manuel Marquez in the future,” he said.

However, Pacquiao got even with Morales with two KO wins in their subsequent matches in the 130-pound division and has since climbed to 147 pounds.

Morales too is joining the crowded welterweight division.

“At 147, I’m faster than ever and freer with my body so I can get the most out of it. First, though, is my fight against Jose Alfaro on March 27 in Monterrey on pay per view. Alfaro is a great young fighter and a former world champion. A wicked puncher who will bring his best, he has a big heart into the ring, and always gives fans everything he has,” he told

Morales decided to retire after losing by unanimous decision against David Diaz for the WBC 135-pound belt.

Pacquiao earned that belt after stopping Diaz in nine rounds.

The Filipino is on a 12-fight winning streak since losing to Morales.