PAR in golf parlance is the "norm" but easier said than done.

Today, as every Juan would know is the 25th staging of the flower festival in Baguio, now popularly known as Panagbenga. Par, is what it should be, when Juan does better, that's good, but when done below par, there are consequences and you lose, it is just that simple.

Anything below par can mean many of things.

In most cases, it will be a determining factor to whether Juan did well or not. Every 1st of February, a tryout is made, those who do well will qualify to march down Session Road and be seen by millions of people for the Grand Street Dancing Parade. Anything done at par won't just do.

Almost all the school children would by this time logged in some practice time as early as last year. All before coming to this.

The opening of the Panagbenga begins with this parade.

It was just unfortunate that it was "postponed" or "cancelled" just the day before.

For reasons all known. It was however at a spur of the moment and that was what started a flurry of opinion on social media, positive or in the negative. To those that asked for it, well you got it.

But what happens next? The norm was to hold it for the last 24 years on the first day of February.

This was also the local version of the parade that every Juan would watch for. During the grand street parade, it is normally for those that made par or better a tryout of sorts for the finalists to take part on the grand parade and for the visitors to enjoy. Locals would stay at home for it.

In all Panagbenga activities, the city was aided by the Flower Festival Foundation, a separate entity. However difficult to understand, it was this same party that took the cudgels to run the affairs of the parade and festival. Issues raised were usually handled by this very same group, normally led by the Mayor.

Although for the last 24 years, it would have been led by former mayors other than today. Definitely some change of the guard unlike previously. Today, the new guard may not have been familiar about who runs the show. While the reason for cancelling the parade and opening of the Panagbenga is understood, it was surely a surprise from those who previously made the decisions. In fairness with the mayor, he had to do something regarding a health crisis.

But it also would have been better if it was communicated with stakeholders. There's the foundation, DepEd should have also been asked about it. Most hit from the sudden made decision was business.

Hotels and bus companies had many cancellations. Many may be harsh to immediately say "good for you," but remember that business is the driving force for the city and its citizens.

On this month until the rainy season, it is the only time when jobs can be had and business flourish. It would be unfair to count them out at this time.

The local economy makes up for last year at this particular time. The hospitality industry will reel from a single decision. Time was when I was asked whether to cancel the parade all because of the weather, particularly rain.

We sat down with all stakeholders and asked them what should be done. Health authorities said that many might get sick from marching in the rain. However concerns were made, Dep Ed said that the kids were the ones who wanted to take part in the parade.

And so they did. Medical staff and government units were all ready with any help if need be. Decorative umbrellas which are used from the sun were still used for rain.

Much ado about nothing. It was fun. I can imagine kids in decorative face masks for this if ever. Anyway, things have been decided about already.

Caraa, which also has a parade, is postponed for another time which to me won't affect athletes as much.

The Philippine Military Academy Homecoming and its parade is also moved to another time. And I would agree for this one since the virus affects elderly more than the young. At least for all the parades they are all on hold for now.