ONCE again, it's the season of love -- hinted by people carrying around bouquet of roses and stuffed animals. In social media, you have probably seen Valentine's Day "memes" from those who appreciate V-Day and those from single, bitter gourds.

As much as I want to touch on intimacy and successful relationships; however, my inclination for this season is on divorce.

A House committee has recently approved measures pursuing to legalize divorce in the Philippines. This indicates that separation from wedlock is final, therefore, returning the concerned parties' civil statuses to single should this divorce bill prosper.

Of course, religious and other conservative groups frown of such development while people, like one of my colleagues, are seen with

hopeful grin.

I'm not surprised with the disapproval of religious, conservative groups as they took the stand of strengthening families and lifting the value of marriage itself. However, the calls of those seeking to legalize divorce poked me.

I had a little chat with my colleague, earnestly I asked "why are you in favor of divorce?"

Bravely, she replied, "Dili nako gusto mag-antos sa akong gikamahayan na kaminyoon."

"Laliman ka? Dili lang ika usa pero daghang higayon na nako siya nasapon gapang babae. Ikapila nako nasapon naay lain ka chat ug ga-uli kung dili makadlawonan, mabuntagan. Murag walay anak na atimanunon pa," she added.

She had a lot to say about the experienced infidelity and abuse. I can only imagine what she is going through -- a relationship without a sign out button.

Still, the divorce bill has a lot of legislative and moral obstacles to course through. Let's wait and read about the measures upon its consolidation by the House committee.

But just for thought: Should there be an option to reset one's life in the form of divorce, would you push the reset button? Should you forever stay in the relationship you are in?