IT WAS supposed to be only a beer or two prior to going home. You know how it is, visit a bar to get rid of the worries of the office so it won’t you bother when you get home.

Well that was the plan. And as always, life has a way of waylaying well laid plans.

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So what was planned to be an hour of rest became four and what was intended to be a beer or two became (if I can still remember) half a case of beer. Instead of leaving the work behind, became another opportunity to meet new friends and listen to stories which can become full blown articles of the future.

Anyway, stopping by Rumors Wednesday night, good friend Jonathan was on hand to exchange banter with. Jonathan was Lemuel, a fellow journalist working for another paper. He was the first of several people I met that night.

After three beers, Lemuel invited us over to this new bar along Gen. Lim Street, “para maiba naman,” Lemuel said.

“I’m game!” said I.

At about this time, Andy, Rumors’ very attentive and hospitable part owner came over to our table and said, “kabsat, anniversary ng Rumors sa Tuesday (March 23). Acoustic night lang to celebrate our 25th year,” says Andy, immediately adding, “pero sa Sabado (March 27) another 80s night!”

He was requesting I put in the info in Sun*Star Baguio’s billboard. Thing is, Sun.Star will only come out with the community billboard section next month. Anyway to cut a long story short, this is my way of accommodating Andy’s request. Next time…


Speaking of anniversaries, it will be exactly a year on March 25, when Sun.Star Baguio was relaunched as Baguio’s only daily community newspaper. What’s in store for the day?

Nothing much, probably pansit or something like that.

The simple remembrance is not because of any cost cutting measure (although which company right now isn’t implementing some form of belt tightening?). The reason is plainly – too many things to do this month, not to mention Holy Week.

There are a zillion things to do this month that the actual celebration will have to be postponed until after. Hopefully April. Right now all I am allowed to say is … “Abangan!”


Okay back to Jonathan and Lemuel.

So after being reminded of Rumors anniversary (March 23 remember that date!) we headed off to Gen. Lim Street to try out the new bar. “Where’s Gen. Lim ba?” Jonathan asks. “Likod ng Ina Mansion, tol,” said I and Lemuel almost together.

It’s called District 24. Thinking of District 9, the movie, I was half expecting aliens to crawl out of the woodworks, sadly, there were none, although the bar did have a concoction called Alien something, something.

The bar was only holding its soft launch, trying out the systems before the actual opening date which is in April 8, I believe. It’s a very cozy place, eight tables (for now), plus a Japanese nest complete with futons and a legless center table.

The beer was affordable at P35, the music was anything you want to hear (“Request any song!” Lemuel dared. I did and they didn’t have scat, Ella Fritzgerald to be exact), and they had the good old fashioned dart board in one corner.

Great place, try it out one of these days.


Finally, another favor asked of me is to inform the public about is the grand alumni homecoming of the San Jose High School over at La Trinidad, Benguet.

Manong Joseph “Good Looking” Zambrano adds the homecoming is set on April 9 at the San Jose gymnasium. The affair starts promptly at 8 a.m.

For more details contact, Joseph “He The Man” Zambrano added, please contact Bernadette Lubos-Berad at mobile number +63920-208-6153.

I’m not a San Joseian, but this alumni homecoming thingy seems like a very rad party worth going to.