CELEBRATIONS are not complete without the captured moments being posted on social media or kept in the memories of our gadgets. Really, who doesn't want to review how they spent their precious times?

Over the course of the weekend, passed Valentine's Day, there are memories that have been on the loose, that weren't supposed to be shared for other's delight. Memories that should have been kept undocumented, kept only in our cerebral storage. Regrettably, someone opened Pandora's box!

Many may have noticed some Facebook friends posting screenshots of user profiles of teens and couples. These posts come with an uncanny caption, "Sino magpapa-send?"

"Send link, please," thousands replied. This connotes that there's a new entry in the long list of leaked sex videos.

Yes, pops another question, "Why did they record their sexual activity?"

According to sex experts (sexperts), filming yourself having sex can be fun and sexy. It's not only the common penetration being captured; masturbation, dildoing, fondling and other NSFW acts.

However, the same sexperts suggest that such pleasure may bring dire consequences if mishandled. Example, similar to driving motor vehicles, don't drink and drive. Accidents may happen; drunk texting and drunk sending the photos and videos.

Another tip, don't bring out the camera if you're with someone you don't completely trust. Some exhibitionists may share it with their buddies. With just a sleight of hand (and Bluetooth-sharing apps), you might find your face in porn sites, and worst, Facebook.

For a bonus, when you need to have your mobile phone or gadget repaired, keep a watchful eye on the repairman. Though you may claim that you've deleted your home-made porn, there are a lot of ways to retrieve loss files in your gadgets memory. If you don't have the time to monitor the repair, then literally bury your gadget to oblivion.

Generally, leaked sex videos are results of our excitement to experience something new. It's not the excitement or risks of being caught. The real excitement is watching the video after the deed. Vanity and narcissism collide, the Big Bang of self-orgasm.

But this self-pleasure is rather risky than beneficial; the moment one of the videos leak, it will forever leave a dent in one's life. The greater load of the risk is on women. It can't be helped. We still live in an era of misogynistic, condemnatory society.

Plus, modern technology is not omnipotent, that with just a click the videos will be gone in the digital world. Even if it can do so, it will always remain in the memories of those who saw, those who saved a copy and stored it in an offline database.

So the next time you ask for the link of a leaked sex video, imagine the lives you may tarnish just because you got interested. Let's respect the doers and tame our curiosity.