Raymond Alvin N. Garcia


AS I try to manage my hectic schedule, I realize I can't say no to good friends Mark and Davelyn who have become very close to me these past few years. I was always Davelyn's shoulder to cry on every time she and Mark would have major fights and I would try to patch things up between them. I guess I was good at it considering that the couple eventually tied the knot on Feb 7.

The invitations to the wedding of Mark Anthony Dy, son of Antonio and Edith Dy, and Davelyn Joyce Lim, daughter of David and Judilyne Lim, came in personalized gift boxes, a sign that this was going to be a special wedding for the families concerned.

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Tears were shed when the bride—radiant in a Cary Santiago bouffant gown—and groom were ritually given to each other by their parents as the wedding rites began.

It was officiated by Bishop Isabelo Abarquez of Calbayog at the Sacred Heart Church. The couple had 10 pairs of sponsors: Tan Kok Wee and Nancy L. Yaokasin, lawyer Ramon Salazar Jr. and Tina L. Lapid, lawyer Reynaldo Esmeralda and Ma. Teresa P. Yao, Ramon Durano IV and his wife Elena Cristina, Ramontito Garcia and Grace Y. Spema, Maverick D. Tan and Rosemarie G. Chu, Robert Tiu and Jean L. Rodriguez, Dr. Oscar Gatmaitan and Genoveba D. Ong, Philip Y. Lee and Susan Guttler, Francisco K. Ong and Elizabeth Ko.

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PRINCIPAL SPONSORS (top row, from left) Tina Lapid, Jean Rodriguez, Genoveba Ong, Grace Nancy Yaokasin, lawyer Ramon Salazar Jr., Philip Lee, Robert Tiu, and Maverick Tan. (Bottom row, from left) Elena Durano, Rosemarie Chu, Tess Yao, Elizabeth Ko, Susan Guttler, Awi Tan, lawyer Reynaldo Esmeralda, Ramontito Garcia, Dr. Oscar Gatmaitan, Ramon Durano IV and Tan Kok Wee.

Serving as best men were Blake Nelson B. Go and David C. Lim Jr. Matron of honor was Silver Charity M. Lua and maid of honor was Daimee Jemarie C. Lim.

The close friends of the groom served as groomsmen: Christopher M. Capistrano, lawyer Raymond Alvin N. Garcia, Efren Guntrano Z. Gica, Gahum Vincent L. Garcia (who also sang for the bridal march), Dondi C. Yap and Marc D. Basadre. The bridesmaids, dressed in royal blue gowns by Ditas Rodriguez, were Denise Joan C. Lim, Angelli Suzanne L. Lua, Christy Angeli V. Wilhoit, Marijoy Y. Ong, Cacay U. Mendoza, Michelle M. Chua and Caryl M. Lim.

Junior groomsmen were David C. Lim III and Pierre Kendrick L. Gosiaco while Davelyn June C. Lim and Jewelle Lianne D. Chua were junior bridesmaids. Secondary sponsors were Charly U. and Cherry Y. Ong; Ace T. and Carmel B. Serafin; and Jojo S. and Nina Paula P. Tiongko. The ring, Bible and coin bearers were David C. Lim IV, Jebb Irvin D. Yu and Gerson Tyler D. Un. Flower girls Janica Illyssa D. Yu, Jianne Ilysse D. Yu, Casey Robyn D. Un and Maxine Chua were escorted by Jett Irwin D. Yu, Dennis Nathan P. Dy, Gerwin Tristen D. Un, and Albertson Spencer M. Lua.

The reception was at the Cebu International Convention Center.

It was transformed by Richie Mendoza into a palace-like setting complete with royal guards. Cocktails, catered by Creative Cuisine, was served at the lobby and the dinner inside the convention center was served by the waiters of the Grand Convention Center. Video clips of the life of the bride and groom, their courtship and, yes, the wedding, were shown in between performances by singer Raki Vega, Paulo Santos and Marisa Sanchez.

All in all, it was a beautiful wedding, an auspicious start of a life to be lived as in fairy tales, happily ever after. Congratulations, Bro and Beng.