ONE of the ways by which one can discern the personality of a person is through his personal choice of favorite songs. Here’s my own list of favorites with a brief narrative of some very significant events in my life:

1) Tuwing Umuulan by Regine Velasquez. November 3, 2000 was the day I experienced a flashflood as a resident of Brgy Rizal, Makati City. Floodwaters entered our house in the early morning and rose to chest level. We stayed in a room for rent for a month before relocating to Bacolod City.

2) Where do I Begin by Andy Williams. May 20, 2002 was the day my father died from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. He was 69 years old. That was the time I experienced a great sense of loss over the death of a loved one. Coping with sad feelings was such a great challenge.

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3) With a Smile by the Eraserheads. March 2003 was the start of my writing career with Sun.Star Weekend Bacolod Edition. Healing through writing was my therapy. I must have written over a hundred articles already! I wrote a short story entitled “Juvy the City of Smile-ly”.

4) Anak ng Pasig by Geneva Cruz. For ten years my family passed by this river on our way home and it stinks!

5) Paraiso by Smokey Mountain. This song brings out the environmentalist in me. I have a newspaper collage exhibit which aims to promote paper recycling. Think of the number of trees that can be saved by recycling paper. I can perform a rap number as a background to this song ala Francis Magalona!

6) Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns. September 11, 2008 was the day my first compilation entitled “Zoociety of Endangered Animals” came off the printing press of Sun.Star Bacolod under my very own company Philzoociety Publications. Here, I featured our national bird the Philippine Eagle. I dedicate this compilation to Mark Cervantes and the other brave members of the Save Mount Kanlaon Coalition.

7) Putik by Sandwich. September 26, 2009 was the day Metro Manila went underwater because of Typhoon Ondoy. This song aptly describes how flashfloods can enter one’s abode and wreck one’s personal belongings.

8) Constant Change by Jose Mari Chan. Last November 14, 2009 I went to the Negros Museum to see the art exhibits of BINHI and Dra. Roselle P Serna MD. By chance, the Negros Cultural Foundation Chairman of the Board Mr. Jose Mari Chan was there. They say the only constant in life is change. I changed residence last year. It was so tiring transferring all our things but we managed to do it.

9) The Climb by Miley Cyrus. I will never tire of hearing this song over and over again. It has given me the strength and fortitude to overcome the trials that came my way as a solo parent and a struggling entrepreneur.

10) Your Universe by Rico Blanco. I simply like this song’s melody.

So there you have it, my top 10 favorite songs. Watch out for my second compilation to be entitled “Society of Party Animals” featuring the different DJs of your favorite radio stations here in Bacolod City. (Maresa G. Engo)