CULT leader Ruben Ecleo Jr.’s cardiologist told the court the parricide suspect is still a “walking time bomb” and a sudden change of weather can affect his health condition.

Ecleo, Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association “supreme master,” is out on a P1-million bail.

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That’s why, time bomb or not, he is free and he can keep on walking if he wants.


Ecleo was granted bail on March 1, 2004 when his doctors convinced the court he was a “walking time bomb.”

He’s been diagnosed as a “walking time bomb” since then.

Here’s one lucky man or his “bomb” must have a very long fuse.


Mayor Tommy Osmeña assured Cebuanos he is neither sick nor dying to dispel congressional opponent Atan Guardo’s talk on rumors about the mayor’s “deteriorating health.”

Mayor Tommy insists he is healthy enough to win the congressional seat in the city’s south district.

Ecleo’s doctors insist he is a “walking time bomb” to keep him away from jail.


Atan said: “Rumors are swirling about his (Mayor Tommy’s) deteriorating health because it’s only Margot who’s doing the handshaking. His absence has raised eyebrows. Plus the fact that he brings along a doctor and a nurse in his ‘pulong-pulong.’”

There’s nothing wrong if the mayor no longer shakes hands.

Atan should be more worried if he sees the mayor’s hands shaking.


Cebu City residents are blessed, but the opposition calls their blessings from City Hall as “vote-buying.”

So City Hall hires 2,200 students for its summer job program, gives P10,000 each to 10,000 public high school graduates or double if they’re from mountain barangays, raise judges pay by at least P30,000, doles out P4,000 to senior citizens and P2,000 to persons with disabilities.

This simply means City Hall’s cup is full and overflowing with cash.


Sen. Loren Legarda, Nacionalista Party bet for vice president, said she hopes and prays for Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia’s backing, saying Cebu’s 2.4 million votes could be the “swing vote” in the election.

Gov. Gwen has yet to name her vice presidential candidate but Sen. Loren has already tapped her daughter, lawyer Christina Codilla-Frasco as Visayas spokesperson and her niece, Esperanza Garcia, for her climate change campaign.