TOSSING his hat into the presidential ring, he lights up the lamp of inspiration created by his beloved family.

Ninoy and Cory Aquino are heroes in our land of ‘Aslagan’ (rising sun). Sacrificing their lives, they changed the path of Philippine history. Imprinting our hearts and minds with their deeds of conviction, commitment and courage, they ennoble us.

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See, we are even on a first-name basis with them. Mention the name Noynoy, we know he is the Liberal Party presidential aspirant. State the word Cory or Ninoy, we promptly recognize our past President and the late senator.

Today, soaring across our blue skies are pro-Noynoy and anti-Noynoy declarations. One particular yellow balloon stands out for its dazzling content. Coming from Winnie Monsod, she voices sincerity, simplicity and synergy. Here are Winnie’s words:

“But I am going all out in support for Noynoy in 2010 because he stands for clean governance and appears willing to accomplish this. In addition, he has the best chance of preventing an opportunistic businessman from using the Office of the President as a personal growth asset to his business empire. Noynoy’s clean record is a big plus for me. It is a trait that I think should be the most important quality that we should look for in our next president. His appeal is that his track record is not tarnished by corruption, scandals and his political debts are minimal.

I know that many critics are trying to make an issue over his involvement in Hacienda Luisita, but Noynoy is not even heavily involved in the company. As a shareholder, Noynoy only owns .04 percent of Hacienda Luisita, a drop in the ocean and hardly in any position to do something about it. We all have to make a choice.

In my opinion, it has to go to the presidentiable who has an independent mind, stands up for what he believes in, is clean, and has the legacy his parents to live up to and maintain. For me, Noynoy, with all his flaws, is that candidate. For what this country needs is a clean president who can set an example top-down for the entire state; it needs a president with the will to change things and stamp out corruption; it needs a President who can set an example and is willing to perfect our dysfunctional democracy.”

What powerful expressions from Winnie Monsod. She roars like a tiger in this 21st century.


We now walk on the crossroads of decision; you and I have the power in our hands to vote for our President down the line to the councilors’ slate.

Blend your reasons from the mind with the emotional grip of the heart. Stand up for the 90. Stand up for the 90 million Filipinas and Filipinos. Stand up for freedom.