IF I had one thing that would perfectly define my life, it's this small thing I carry every day. It is always a witness to all my endeavors -- my wallet.

My wallet is a tangible version of my mind.

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Every time I open it, it shows me the life I have in the past and present. It even predicts my life in the future.

The money inside makes me thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed me. It reminds me, at the same time, to be prudent given my (limited) financial capacity.

The receipts of bill payments, past tuitions or from previous things that I have bought show me a timetable of obstacles. Obstacles that my beloved parents have gone through just to give me my needs and desires. Those pieces of papers are symbols of their sweat and blood.

My wallet has five memorable pictures.

Every picture has its own story to tell, not just a mere decoration to showcase the beauty of one person.

As I grow, my pictures will forever remind me of the wonderful things that brought me to what I am today.

Every space unoccupied in my wallet symbolizes that I have more to discover and explore in life.

It is a prompting thought that tells me to go further and to seek more knowledge to understand what is hard to understand.

My wallet is a small thing, yet holds a great deal of experiences and emotions.

Every time I open it, it speaks of who I was, who I am, and who I will be.

Have you ever imagined that thing you carry all the time wherever you go as an image of life? The way you take care of it is the way you take care of your life.

Money has a lot of say in a person's life, but for me it's just one factor that makes a person's life meaningful.

I'm a lavish person, spendthrift - maybe not literally but in emotions since I grew up in a family that has so many restrictions on particular traditions.

I've been guarded and sometimes deprived of the life outside. My wallet attests to that.


This week's Sunday Essays are two of the outputs of the Third year Mass Communication students of the Ateneo de Davao University in their writeshop, which made them ponder on and write about their wallet.