A WALLET, a purse for some, is one of the most precious items that most people carry and put stuff in more essential than money. To some people, misplacing a wallet is a disaster.

In my wallet, I store personal items such as ATM card and some pictures of my special friends. Cute, aren't they?

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A library card that has not been used since last semester, some money just like everybody else and candy wrappers for keeps.

I consider my wallet as my portable diary. Aside from my money, which is my basic need, it also stores my emotional needs.

Some pieces of memories are inside my wallet, movie tickets in memory of my past boyfriend (going on a movie marathon was our favorite past time when we were bored to death). My break-up letter in our 21st month and a few poems I wrote for him.

I also keep candy wrappers from my first date with my present boyfriend. Love letters that make me giggle all the time so I read it over and over again. Paper napkins from the restaurant that we dine in and petals of roses he gave me on our anniversary.

Aside from the memories of my life, I store inside my wallet the pictures of my family. I have pictures of my brother, kept there just in case he goes missing (smile bro!). And a picture of my mom and my dad so sweet together, which makes me believe of true love.

But above all else, my wallet simply symbolizes my life and everything about it. Stuffed in corners of my wallet and corners of my purse are words of wit and wisdom, quotes, poetry and verse, which reflect the true picture of me. No make-up, no fashionable clothing and no pretentions, just the real me.

My wallet is the evidence of life and love, triumphs and pain. Those tiny squares folded inside are short-lived thoughts, which I can't share to all.

When I pull out those folded pieces randomly, I remember thoughts and memories. They make me smile, laugh, sniffle, and cry.

Anyway, no matter what's inside my wallet, although it's usually out of cash, I do have what I need.