HEALTH is wealth. A society that has the best is surely able to overcome any situation ahead of them. It is also this very same that allows for a crisis to be solved sooner than later than any other.

The wealthy seem to be less affected as they can find ways to be able to counter anything that comes their way.

But what of those that aren’t? Something to think about as sure as I would think they would be the least affected.

While this new health crisis does not choose any Juan, rich or poor, the concerns are there, for both. But it would be just the same.

It would just boil down to who would understand and be able to move on. The unfortunate may not have the means to access information as much as those that could.

But also those that could be flooded with just too much information and that Juan wouldn’t be able to determine which is for the better or not.

The other wouldn’t be able to find such data unlike the other, however, it may also be that that would make them immune to false and unfounded information and hell with it.

At the end of it all, it will all boil down to who is better equipped with dealing with the information before it. All the cards may be in the table for all to see, it is how it is received, that would spell the difference. Stupid will be stupid.

Gossip and hearsay are also perceived to be something that may be carried or believed. Again it would depend as to who would take it and share it.

Now here again is something that doesn’t divide. Both rich and poor have their ways of saying what they think is. The well to do have theirs and those that don’t have will find a way to share too.

There’s always a way no matter how, when, why, where and how it is done. It will just be different but the effect is the same. The intellect panic too. Again I blame no Juan. It is just this way.

Facebook, Messenger, and Viber are to blame. And to all those that have access to it, the poor too. We all get the same information and are passed on like a virus too.

However, it is always said that in times of trouble and crisis, some say pray, some say that’s life, some will say it happens, and then some would just do what they think is best. Being healthy.

Get outdoors and have some sunshine, walk while able. See the little green patches we have left. Go to the trails and listen only to the birds and the bees or trees and not what others say or see.

It is all about the outlook. Look at what stupidity and ignorance bring. I tell you it will kill you. See healthy, speak healthily and listen healthily. HEALTHY NEIGHBOR.