MAYORALTY candidates Bacolod Representative Monico Puentevella and Vladimir Gonzalez pushed for the total ban of quarry activity in Barangay Alangilan.

Puentevella said that recently, there’s a group in City Hall who appealed in Barangay Alangilan for an additional quarry activity in the area.

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“The existing quarry activity in Alangilan is enough already and we should not allow for an additional which it destroys the environmental livelihood of respective residents of said barangay,” she said.

Puentevella added that reportedly, the City Government will use it for the sanitary landfill of the city. “They already destroy Barangay Alangilan, and now they want also to destroy Barangay Alangilan.”

Gonzalez, for his part, said: “We should protect the water source of our city and the quarry activity in Alangilan should be banned.”

Earlier, the Amlig Bukid Kilos Damlig (ABKD) group urged the City Government officials to cease from issuing and renewing of quarry permits in Barangay Alangilan, saying the present quarry operation in the barangay brought adverse effect on the water source and shed.

The group had already submitted its position paper to the city mayor.

The ABKD claimed that this new outcry has virtually opened the wounds experienced in the past 20 years ago and more quarrying will lead to nothing but hazards and devastation of lives and the environment.

The ABKD is asking the city and barangay officials, and the quarry operators or businesses to accept responsibility for the destruction of the environment and the lives and livelihood of the people, and that they should start to heal the wounds and bridge the division they created, pointing out that healing starts with acceptance.

Fr. Anecito Buenafe said that in the meantime, the Social Action Center held a fact-finding last week on the quarry activity in Barangay Alangilan, noting that the quarry owners also allowed them to enter in the quarrying site.

Buenafe cited the owners of quarry activity in Alangilan include the Bonin family, Arceo, and Bantug family.

He said after such fact-finding, they will make an objective assessment based on their observations and technical research.

Meanwhile, Mayor Evelio Leonardia earlier said the City Government will study and take serious action on the pending quarry applications in Barangay Alangilan.

He said the City Government is verifying all the reports and sentiments aired by some residents on the quarry activity in said barangay.

“Before we make any decision, we should listen to all parties involved,” he said.

Leonardia said the City Government observes due process, and needs to consult and get the opinion of the authorities and the people who are involved in determining whether the quarry should be granted or not. (MAP)