THESE moms feel like a walking piece of art. Getting inked does not make them less of a mother. Don't judge a mom by her tattoo.

Katherine Kabigting

Kate has spent over 100 hours in the chair and has lost count of the number of tattoos she has. She would randomly think of a design and wanted it inked on her skin. She would later on regret having them, but it's also a way of remembering the person she was, the situation she was in when she got these. She was only 15 when she first loved being inked.

Mary Jane Dionela

Her father objected with her desire to get inked in college and would not support her financially on it. She could remember how her father would get furious if she had one. She has now more than one tattoo, all with intricate designs like mandala, geometric, and peony tattoo designs. "Hopefully before I turn 45 I will have 6 tattoos including a full back," she said.

Amephil Jopia Enrique

Amephil makes her body the best canvas of her feminism, life's beliefs and elements, and even her love for small animals. But the best part of it was when this mom of two boys sent out a photo of her kids to the tattoo artist. She got them etched on her skin forever, making it her most favorite piece of art.

Sunshine Debarbo

Wearing Korean-inspired fashion and organizing big events for KPop lovers seemed to be not enough for this woman. Sunshine brings her obsession for KPop to a skin-deep level. She has eight small tattoos on different parts of her body now. A total of four designs are still in her mind, including a big one on her leg part.

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