THE labor union of the Cagayan de Oro Water District (Cowd) has gained another ally in its call for investigation on the bulk water supply project.

The Philippines Alliance of Ex-Seminarians (PAX) Ut Unum Simus (UTUS) Inc. in Northern Mindanao has expressed its support to the call of First Labor Organization of Cowd (Flow) in protecting the interest of the people as it called for an investigation into the Bulk Water Supply Project contract of the beleaguered water district.

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Jun Ramos, PAX member, said the alliance’s mission is to configure social life correctly, respecting legitimate autonomy and cooperating with other citizens according to their respective competences and fulfilling their own responsibility.

In quoting the Gospel, Ramos challenged the board of directors of the Cowd to act justly and forge an egalitarian community.

This, as he called on all ex-seminarians to stand behind the truth and reject the forces of evil.

Ramos said he and the other ex-seminarians believed that Rio Verde is considered as a “non-responsive bidder,” citing the controversial contract which the Commission on Audit had earlier found to be irregular.

Earlier, Flow cried foul over the proposed bulk water project in Barangay Indahag as it would entail an additional of P6 million monthly expenses for Cowd, which it would pay to Rio Verde.

Flow contends that this is disadvantageous to the government since Barangay Indahag, which has an estimated 300 to 500 families, could only generate more or less P200,000 monthly return of investment.

Ramos suggested that Cowd should go back to the model agreement and stop the questionable contract.

“The proposed project should be pursued while still resolving the contract,” Ramos said, adding that the issues and problems within the agency reflect the bureaucratic irregularities perpetuated by those who are in power.

He said that if these would go on uncorrected, Cowd would be on the losing end as well as the public who would bear the brunt of additional water bill payments.

The PAX was formed in early 2003 when a group of ex-seminarians gathered in San Carlos Seminary at Makati City with a common goal -- to be a good soldier of Christ.

The alliance is reportedly active in different economic, social, legislative, administrative and cultural areas intended to promote organically and institutionally the common good.