LOOK at what is happening in the world today. Almost everyone has instituted their own way of controlling the spread of the virus. Most if not all were not ready and looked down at what was going on in Asia.

What China did was remarkable, to say the least. It had locked down a major city, no matter what anyone would say. I thought that it was amazing. How it was done. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that a lockdown could be done.

I would have never thought too that it could be done anywhere else in the world other than China. I saw developed countries try to do what it can, however, it just didn’t work. Now they face the consequences, too late.

Back here I felt that some Juan had to do it. And he did. It feels like I am brought back to the days growing up as a boy. Just at home with family. All the fun as one.

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined a Baguio during this time, just for me. Weekends have been the best. Roads and Parks all to myself.

February and March were just living it like August and September when there was just us, people from Baguio.

During PNoy’s term, I thought he would have done a rehabilitation of Baguio and Boracay. Nothing happened. All telltale signs and reasons were inevitable for Juan to do so. How was the problem? A plan was just a plan.

Today having just returned from a trip to Boracay after its lockdown for many months, it has changed, for the better. I envy how things could have happened here if a lockdown too would have happened.

Whatever you may call this today, I am happy, I am home with my family. Sharing meals and stories, it is just a week into it but I haven’t run out of things and ideas to do. I get to enjoy cooking for them too. Just enough groceries to last the week but enough. All meals shared.

I ran for the first time just outside my home, for some sun too. Time too for my dog to also get some exercise. We have to. I just can’t sit down and do nothing. But at least I found a way to do so after a few days at home.

I won’t look down on this I’m just so happy that somehow there was a way to do it. I will say that there was some holy intervention to all this. It has tested the powerful, the strongest the richest. In the end, we are all equal. Although now I feel stronger and healthier.

Now I am hopeful. I can’t wait to see my city after all this. Just glad too to have Wi-Fi. Indeed I now feel connected, not only to social media and the rest of the world but also for important information and to my family. I’m just so happy for this lockdown and I will look down for prayers answered. A LOOKDOWN AT A LOCKDOWN.