ILOILO Province through its Provincial Ordinance 2020-220 approved on March 19, the implementation of a curfew in the whole province of Iloilo as measure to address the continuing threat of Covid-19 transmission from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. starting midnight of March 21 until lifted.

Under the curfew, no person will be allowed in any public places like roads & streets, parks & plazas, commercial establishments or any building or structure catering to the general public.

The exceptions are for those government official and employees on duty, medical professionals, healthcare providers, and those providing medical support services, paralegals traveling to render legal assistance to clients, those under medical emergency, persons delivering food, medicines & drugs, essential basic necessities & prime commodities, those employed in the private sector provided sufficient proof is presented that their work schedule necessitates that they travel within curfew hours, persons transiting for travel to airport or seaport facilities and persons providing basic services & public utilities except for public transport.

Violators will be have penalties as follows:

1st Offense: Fine of P1,000 or imprisonment of 10 days

2nd Offense: Fine of P2,000 or imprisonment of 20 days

3rd Offense & Succeeding Offenses: Fine of P5,000 or imprisonment of not more than one month

Parent/s or minor offenders shall be also be fined if found to have violated the curfew. (SunStar Philippines)