THERE are many stereo-type Lenten thoughts that have not been working for some. Maybe it is because they don’t come from the heart. Prayers must translate into good deeds with the best intentions.

The Zontians had their monthly retreat and we definitely had much time for reflections. We all realized the lasting fulfillment of making all our projects God-centered; that’s why, all our projects all these years have been blessed.

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As a prelude to Lent, last February I chose to have a replay of the religious musicale I directed in 2008, St. Ezekiel: Healing Spirituality. Its maiden presentations were at the Sisters of Mary-Girlstown and Ayala Center, with a few excerpts at the Maayong Buntag Kapamilya (thanks to Greg and Jane) Hopefully, University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) will have its full-length showcase in July or August. It will be spearheaded by the Campus Ministry. St.Ezekiel was the first Recoleto saint.

For the cast—composed of the Amparito scholars of the original USJ-R Dramatics and Cultural Ensemble (DCE)—the play, St. Ezekiel, was a [form of] devotion, and not a mere musicale. We all got immersed in the values of selflessness, discipline, consideration of others, team bonding, respect and kindness. I saw how inspired the students were. My gratitude to Fathers Enrico Silab, Raul Buhay, Charlie Orobia, Hernando Coja, Randy Castillo, Manny Bolilla, all of the OAR; to deans Ed Detoya and Teodie Dumamag; and professors Rey Rozada, Rico Lucena and Jude Yburan for making it easy for the students to make up for the classes they missed on rare times. My prayerful thanks to adviser Ramon Sebastian and benefactress Amparito Lhuillier; to ABS-CBN, Joy Silvosa and Sisters Emelan and Nory.


Bubbly Zontians Chabeng Garcia, Cely Chiongbian and Aida Uy celebrated their birthdays at the Casino Español. It was simply hilarious seeing the Zontians dancing on the floor. Who said they are retired? Good exercise, said Lucille Colina and Anita Cabinan. Meanwhile, Anita Sanchez is busy preparing for the Cebu City Ylac Free School Foundation big event. Chabeng and family have been very active in many Zonta events and it is always a pleasure seeing them perform. Cely is off to Beijing and tireless Aida is planning more travel packages. Just hope that Fina Tanchan accepts another term as president. Meanwhile, the Zontians are all agog over the 2010 International Convention.

Good luck, happy ladies! Ed Rosello celebrated his birthday at Whitegold House with his family and We Care.