SK LUBRICANTS Co. Ltd introduced its new eco-friendly lubricant variants to the press last Thursday at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

The new products under the ZIC brand give consumers oil savings, and their automobiles and motorcycles longer engine life and lower carbon emissions because they use very high viscosity index base oil (VHVI), which provides consistent lubrication and viscosity even at extreme temperatures.

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“The VHVI technology means ZIC lubricants make engines run smoother and cleaner because of the absence of unnecessary impurities that cause deposits and damage in the long run,” said Sun Kim, area manager of the SK Lubricants Global Marketing team for Southeast and Southwest Asia and the Middle East.

“Just as the heart needs clean and healthy blood, so does your engine need clean effective motor oil to function at its best,” he added.

SK Lubricants is a subsidiary of SK Energy, the first oil refiner in Korea. SK Energy produces base oil and lubricant products and distributes these all over the world.

Both companies are under the SK Group of Companies, one of the top conglomerates in Korea, joining the ranks of Samsung and Hyundai.

Last year, SK Lubricants signed an agreement with General Motors global headquarters in the USA to supply GM’s automatic transmission fluid requirements. Other automobiles that use its products are Hyundai/Kia and Renault.

SK’s goal is to have production come from the Philippines and Thailand by 2015. In 2007, SK Lubricants entered the Philippine market, starting with Luzon, and late last year, it introduced its products to the Cebu market.

Mitch Ortiz, president of Luminous International Philippines Trading, said the response of the Cebu market has been quite good, and they are now planning to distribute their products to other provinces in the Visayas, like Leyte and Bohol.

Luminous International Philippines is the sole authorized distributor of ZIC automotive, marine and industrial lubricants for the Visayas region. (RBF)