AS THE government does its duty to protect the people against the health crisis, the citizens are told to stay at home as much as possible.

We can make this circumstance turn into a productive ground for children to learn at home.

1. Read books - You can never go wrong with reading. It can bring you to places you’ve never been before. It’s visa-free and safe!

2. Creative DIY artworks - This is the best time to get crafty. Teach kids how to create colorful and fun arts. Cut out characters from old magazines or newspapers and paste them on your journal. Recycle things and convert them into toys. You can also start learning how to draw and paint. This activity can pave way for their endless imagination.

3. Sing and dance - If you are into musical instruments, play them with the kids. If there’s no available musical instruments at home, you can also DIY by using old cans, bottles, kitchenwares, etc. Play your favorite song or just compose one.

4. Make a home cinema - Netflix has a lot of good movies for kids and adults. Be sure to sit beside them while watching as adult supervision is highly needed at all times. Watch cartoons or even movies that are family-oriented. After watching, it’s a perfect time for a movie review. You can also ask the kids for the moral of the story. Who is their favorite character? If they would be given a chance to be the director, what type of ending should they give?

5. Fun and games - Bring out the old stuffed toys and play characters with them. Gather up some old socks and make sock puppets. Drag out some of your old clothes and some accessories and allow them to play dress-up — they will surely love wearing them around.

6. Cook/bake - Cook and bake their favorite meal or something that they have never tried yet. You can never go wrong on this as long as you have an internet connection. Search recipes online that you are sure your kids will love. Allow them to help you in preparing and mixing the ingredients.

7. Household chores - Teach them to clean each area of the house— change beddings, water the plants, wash the dishes. Make a schedule for general cleaning. This is also a perfect time to re-arrange things at home. It allows the positive energy to come in.

Remember that our children see how we react to things. Hence, we must be cautious of how we respond to uncertainty and stress. We are all responsible for our actions. Let’s wire our kids for resilience, not panic.

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