THROUGH the years, women have positively emerged in the community with a greater role and significant purpose. Some arise as women leaders, while others operate their own businesses. Cebu, in fact, is full of these empowered women who serve the society for the betterment of those in it, whether they serve in the hospitality industry, specialize in beauty or work in the medical field. Women should be celebrated every day, and as a way to honor them this Women’s Month, we recognize three out of the many girl bosses in the city who now live in their prime and fruitful years with a whole empire behind their backs.

Feature dates: Dr. Malinda Vasquez (March 27), Farrah Casilda Nazareth (March 28) and Herley Broutin (March 29).

Farrah Casilda Nazareth

Chief operating officer,

No Strips Waxing Salon

SunStar LIVE! (SL): What encouraged you to pursue your current career?

Farrah Casilda Nazareth (FCN): We all have that moment, experience and above all, that opportunity to be able to create something better. It was my husband’s entrepreneurial mind that pushed me into this. It’s those small moments of “we wish this existed” that sparked the inspiration for me to pursue entrepreneurship.

SL: What makes your profession enjoyable and at the same time fulfilling?

FCN: Being an entrepreneur and chief operating officer of No Strips has been very exciting, liberating and at the same time, extremely challenging. It gives me the motivation and discipline to be the best version of myself. I love my job because I know there’s always something we can do to improve and do better.

SL: How were you able to make a name for yourself in the industry that you’re in?

FCN: When we started way back in 2014, we were really clueless if we could make it or not. In a world of competitors, we always kept in mind and asked ourselves, “How do we differentiate our business and how do we stand out?” One thing’s for sure, we deliver exceptional customer service like no other. We built a strong team and company culture that radiates in our employees’ communication, vibrant persona and attitude, thus creating happy and repeat customers over the years.

SL: What’s your secret to success and how you were able to reach it?

FCN: Success, as we all know it, is a long and winding road but first, success always goes hand-in-hand with honesty and integrity. We started everything from scratch. We failed and we learned, but we always stayed flexible and adaptive. Success is sometimes waiting right across from the transitional bump that’s disguised as failure.

SL: If you could name one cultural heroine who influenced you in your chosen path, who would it be and why?

FCN: Beyoncé! Even people who don’t know her as a performer may recognize her name from fashion labels, cosmetic lines, movies etc. She is testament that a celebrity is not based on social media hype but of raw, pure talent and gradual success. She’s a fiercely talented performer, a role model and mother who is also a good example to the youth who never gave in to the pitfalls of fame.

SL: What word of advice would you give young girls who dream of being a girl boss like you one day?

FCN: Be motivated every day. Never let negative experiences discourage you and remember that failure is part of the journey. Always believe in yourself because you can achieve anything you want in life. You just need to work hard, take action and push through when things get tough. Life is after all a marathon and not a race.