THE Philippine Army just celebrated their 123rd year of their founding.

In simple rites, we were witness to how they have been all this time. In good times and bad, they seem to have overcome the greatest threat just to defend every Juan.

They, being the defenders of the state, are not exempted from the politics of Juan, no matter how neutral they may be. As apolitical as they may be, politicians still hold on to them tightly on a leash.

As neutral as can be the Army has been able to dodge every bullet fired at them. Indeed they are no stranger to controversy and conflict. They still find it to always continue to serve and defend.

Amid all the turmoil of the state, the Army manages to continue despite all this and on to battle. Always battle-ready and hardened. Defenders of the land and its people.

With this, the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation has found it to dig deep and acknowledge the service and sacrifice that they give to return the favor. We found a way to give back through an able partner the Lucio Tan Group who without a shrug decided to shoulder the tab for them. Without any hesitation, they found it in themselves to share something for the Philippine Army.

The battle today is with a different enemy, not the rebels or communism or even terrorism. It is not found on the battlefields or in any jungle. It is now fought in urban cities and a different kind of enemy and battle.

The army has found an enemy, difficult to overcome. Defending the state and its people from a health crisis. A newfound enemy of the state. One that can’t be seen or heard. A tactic is very different to be made. A different war, a different battle plan.

After the threat was found, the Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation decides to join in this war and defend the state. Ambulances, the best and top of its class were given to them. Biohazard and hazmat suits were made available to frontliners among its ranks to also to fight and face this battle. It is not tanks or bullets needed but just these battle-ready ambulances and personal protective equipment (PPE) for now. A different frontline battle plan for this enemy. But fighting to win still because of these given them.

Again we say thank you to you for the service rendered. It is because of the Philippine Army that we get to enjoy our freedom and democracy. Happy 123rd Founding to the Philippine Army. A new ARMY FOUND.