IN THE TV program "Gikan sa masa, para sa masa" Davao City Vice Mayor Inday Sara Duterte was in her fighting form castigating Karlo and Boy Nograles for indulging in black and yellow propaganda. She was forgiving with former Mayor Ben de Guzman and the Lopezes whom, she said, is just being used by Karlo and Boy. But Inday Sara is tempered and compose compared to her father Digong.

She is most annoyed by Karlo Nograles claim that she was afraid to come face to face with the Speaker in that IBP-sponsored debate staged in Ateneo de Davao University Campus. Well, now we know. She gave us a hint. The IBP pantry at the Halls of Justice, she said, was a Nograles project. Which means, IBP cannot divorced itself from being beholden to Boy Nogie. What Sara failed to mention is that the college registrar of ADDU, Rene Villarente, is also a candidate for councilor of Team Nograles in the first district. So there you are.

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Inday Sara however is scaring Karlo out of his wits. She said that recent surveys show that the young Nograles and Councilor Mabel Sunga Acosta are now statistically tie in the surveys.

Without winking an eyelash, Inday said that Mabel is going to trounce Karlo in the May 10 elections. She said that Mabel is a multi-awarded city councilor of Davao City, who, in the last elections, even got more votes than the Speaker who had no opponent.

Inday Sara is particularly mad at Karlo Nograles for belittling the women. The vice mayor came to the defense of her kind whom she said can do whatever men can. She advised Karlo not to bring the gender issue in politics stressing that as far as local governance is concerned she and Mabel have more experience than Karlo and the Speaker. Compared to Karlo whom she said is just a paid employee in the district congressional office of Congressman Nograles, councilor Mabel has long been a councilor, always number one and that she was just recently chosen as one of the Ten Outstanding Councilors of the Philippines.

That is a mouthful of endorsements from Inday Sara for Mabel.

Being statistically tie is nightmarish for Karlo. These days we see him more often in as many TV and cable channels and government-owned and sequestered radio stations. He is flanked by Ben de Guzman, the main fodder of the Nograles arsenals, and a candidate for councilor who seemed to be lost in the world of reality.

The trio have been drumming up the results of a survey from a firm which they call "the Center". The survey had everybody in Team Nograles winning except for de Guzman. I thought that I was hearing a fairy tale. But Karlo explained that the survey results stemmed from the non-appearance of Inday Sara at the IBP-sponsored debate in ADDU.

I am prepared to allow Karlo that soothing ego-massage except that in the midst of the propaganda blitz Ateneo de Davao University released a survey results after that debate which the Nograles Team was so ecstatic about. The respondents include students, faculty and staff members of the university.

The results are diametrically opposed to what Karlo and Ben were orchestrating. Inday Sara got a total of 1,097 votes against Boy Nograles 167.

In the vice mayoralty race, 1,150 voted for Rodrigo Duterte while only 111 went for Ben de Guzman. In the presidential race Noynoy Aquino got 938 votes, Gibo Teodoro - 686, Dick Gordon - 152, Manny Villar - 81, Joseph Estrada - 61.

In the vice presidential derby Mar Roxas got 1,342, Jojo Binay - 315, BF Fernando - 150, Loren Legarda - 80. I am skipping those who do not matter.

Duterte's Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod need not even make any retaliatory remarks on Nograles tirade that includes extra-judicial killing, human rights abuses, COA findings and Ombudsman investigation.

Friday, the other week, the Social Weather Station came out with a report that Boy Nograles era as Speaker is the most corrupt and inevitably rating Boy -20 (negative 20) and dubbing it as "poor".

As if that was not degrading enough, the Reader's Digest also released a trust survey which ranked Nograles pet peeve Digong No. 5 most trusted political figure in the country. Before the week ended, Hugpong's congressional bet in the first district, Mabel Sunga Acosta, was proclaimed one of the 10 outstanding councilors in the Philippines!

Speaker Nograles escaped the heat of these magma of positive news as he hied off quick to Texas, USA to watch the Pacquiao-Clottey fight. Boy was caught close-up on TV, not smiling despite the victory of our pound-for-pound king Manny.

By they way, is Karlo and Mabel really statistically even? Think of this - Jocelyn Duterte who is running for congress in the first district garnered 19 points. The people trust the name DUTERTE but how many of those who voted for that name knew that it is Jocelyn running not Rodrigo who is in fact gunning for vice mayor? I do not want to do the thinking but I think you get my drift. Statistical tie?

Inday Sara has warned and even showed samples of "Yellow" and "Black" propaganda, which will litter the streets on the eve of Election Day. It looks like there is severe drought of legitimate issues in the Nograles territory.