TIKTOK is a fun and entertaining app that not only millennials are getting fond of. Recently, parents and kids are having fun with the app, too. However, we must always bear in mind that online and interactive activities pose a threat to its users.

While we give our children the freedom to express themselves, we must also not forget our roles as parents to screen their activities. Adult supervision is highly needed at all times.

Here are three tips to keep our children safe while using the TikTok:

1. Restrict content. Turn on the restricted mode to limit the appearance of content on the For You section. It is found at the settings section.

2. Manage screen time. The app has screen time management settings. It will beep you up once you exceed time limit.

3. Limit (or turn off) direct messages. Prohibit strangers from sending messages to your child’s account.

As parents, we should be their social media manager. Parents can manage screen time, restrict content, and limit direct messages or turn off the feature completely.

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