IN LIFE, we always face challenges and obstacles. And it is even more challenging for an Overseas Filipino Worker in Madrid, Spain who is at home alone amid the implementation of quarantine due to Covid-19.

BIBAAK President Josephine Bohol Segundo said prayers and faith in God have been her strength in facing this particular trial in her life and surviving the difficulties of living away from home.

Segundo who traces her roots in Sablan, Benguet said she recently celebrated her birthday alone in her own place under quarantine. Thanks to videoke at least she was able to enjoy the day by singing her favorite songs.

It was in 2005 when she first came to Spain through the help of her former employers who were Spanish diplomats with 2 kids. They were the same employers whom she worked with in Cyprus.

When her employers moved to the US, she decided to just remain in Spain. Luckily, she was able to find a job in a restaurant immediately through the help of a kailian.

Being in Madrid, she is also busy promoting the beautiful culture and tradition of the Cordillera Region by serving as President of the Cordilleran group BIBAAK Madrid since 2017 and promoting it through different presentations on several occasions in Spain.

Being abroad, one memory which still makes her cry even up to now was the day she learned about the death of her father and also her husband a few months after.

Today, while on quarantine, she also makes it a point to join the citizens of Spain in their initiative to give honor and salute to their doctors, nurses, and all the frontliners by giving them a big applause from their balcony.

When life seems to feel heavy, there is always the Almighty to turn to. Make prayer a staple of your life. Be safe everyone amid our battle vs. Covid-19.

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