I HAVE for the last three years, cut any relationship with television at home. Yes. I will admit that I have for the rest of my life depended very much on television. A habit if you say so. The first is for information, then sports and movies last. That’s it.

Since I am the only Juan left at home it was just but practical to sever ties with Sky Cable, Mountain View, and Cignal. Yup I had it all. I just had to. Until my Joy decided to cut all of them as it was a waste of money. I objected at first, but soon after getting used to it and it’s been three years now without it. I’m happy now.

Many reasons for not having one. TVs are now used as a computer screen at home. News and sports I can access where ever I am around the world, I’m never home and with me is my trusty iPhone. It does more, I have Facebook and Instagram and of course a camera. I don’t need my heavy Canon 1D to tag along with me where ever I go except for extreme weather. I have not tried my iPhone other than on the water. But my Canon can stand stormy weather, mud, and snow.

Quarantine has indeed grounded me for the first time. Many will attest to how much I travel and seldom whine. But for the first time in half of my life, I will be staying home for obvious reasons.

Just recently before all of this, I had traveled abroad to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and returned only on January 12 from Australia where I spent Christmas with my family. A new year indeed as I landed when Taal erupted. Fortunate to have landed. I even caught on my iPhone the eruption from the plane.

Timely as it is my daughters who are more “techie” than me, I decided to share their Chromecast with me. It is a device that will link my WiFi to Netflix. There that’s my explanation and I won’t go further as I don’t really know how to explain it.

For the first time in my life, I had watched a Korean drama. I dread any. Even with any series, Game of Thrones, etc., I don’t follow it, sorry. What more for any telenovela, never.

Until now. It was my son who had asked me to watch “Parasite” a Korean movie. I was hesitant when I found out it was Korean. Never a fan of it. Then I was intrigued by Crash landing on You. Finished in two days with Joy, she like I, never a fan of any drama. What a lockdown can do for Juan.

I soon read some articles about how timely events are related to another Korean series. I got intrigued. I have heard of it some time ago but never bothered I had seen a few scenes on the plane but again, not interested.

The kingdom is the title of this Korean series. Timely I say because of the many conspiracy theories hounding the world today. The coincidence of the series definitely has made some connection to what is going on with the events today and that of a spreadable disease.

To those that may have watched it, try to analyze what is going on in the world and connect it with Kingdom. The story does have some logic to how conspiracies and intrigue are circulating about Covid-19 today.

Some spoiler alert, a term I only recently knew from my kids. The world is fighting a war that is different and unlike any war that we know. Stories of bio-hazard or chemical warfare is now a reality. But imagine if it were true today. The countries that may have started this new war. World War Z? World War III is nowhere. It just seems like not just in Europe or Asia like World War l and ll.

It is just so dumb if all of the conspiracy theories are true for any Kingdom or country to start it and for what? It is just dumb and we are doomed.