THE appointment of the City Environment Parks Management officer was deferred for the third time this month.

Incumbent officer-in-charge Cordelia Lacsamana was motioned for confirmation for her appointment as head of the City Environment Parks Management Monday.

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However, the City Council is still undecided whether to confirm her to the position or reassign her to the City Planning Office, where she has worked for three years before her appointment to her incumbent office.

The City Environment Parks Management Office (Cepmo) handles the perennial problem of the city on solid waste management, garbage hauling and collection and the engineered sanitary landfill.

During their recent session, Councilor Galo Weygan motioned for the confirmation of Lacsamana, however, other members of the Council question Lacsamana’s confirmation because for three years now, the city’s garbage woes are still in a limbo under her leadership.

Lacsamana, however, answered allegations of the Council members and promised that the search for the city’s engineered sanitary landfill site and the construction of material recovery facilities will already be finished by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Councilor Betty Lourdes Tabanda said she preferred the incoming city mayor to appoint the new Cepmo head.

The Council, meanwhile, decided to refer the matter to the office of City Legal Officer Melchor Rabanes for legal opinion. (JM Agreda)