Frontliners: Keeping the spirit up

Frontliners: Keeping the spirit up

THESE past few weeks have been challenging for everybody due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the enhanced community quarantine declared by local government units to help contain, and hopefully eliminate, the pesky virus.

To keep life going, some “frontliners” continue their tasks in essential services such healthcare professionals and other staff working in health institutions, the military and police forces, and even the janitors and sanitation teams in various establishments, bankers, supermarket workers, media and food delivery service crews.

Today, we honor these gallant souls as they share some advice and how they perk themselves up while leading the battle against Covid-19.

Advice: “Always pray. Stay at home. Follow the rules and regulations imposed by our government strictly. Observe proper social distancing and do not panic.

Lighten Up: “As bankers, we always make sure to keep a positive attitude toward our clients and our colleagues. It is our way to help lessen the panic that this health crisis is bringing.”

- Nerie Ann M. Gallos, client service associate (BDO)

Advice: “Just stay at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Keep yourself updated on the current news and follow the directives of the government. Always observe proper hygiene. Wash your hands properly. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, too!”

Lighten Up: “I exercise at home to focus on myself and boost my immune system. I also find time to read a good book to free my mind from thinking too much of our current situation. Mental health is as equally important.”

- Iyan Anthony Lim, hospital dentistry and oral surgery resident (Southern Philippines Medical Center)

Advice: “Help us protect you and stay at home. I urge the people whom we ought to serve and protect to please do your share. The government cannot win this global health crisis alone. We can only overcome this crisis if we cooperate with the government’s efforts. Above all, never stop praying. In God’s time, grace and mercy, we will be victorious over this plague.”

Lighten Up: “Doing Tiktok. Joke! I just read news articles, and engage myself in healthy practice, doing exercise and resting whenever I have free time. These are essential in strengthening our immune system, considering that we are prone and an easy target for this invisible enemy.”

- Michael Gingoyon, police captain, Cebu Provincial Chief HPG-7

Advice: Never be complacent. Protocols may be in place to slow down the spread of the virus but we all have to do our part. If extra measures can be done to further mitigate spread in our homes, do them.

Lighten Up: As frontliners, we are always at the edge of our seats. We don’t have time to relax. But as part of my catharsis and diversion, I look on to some humorous experiences during my interactions and share it on Facebook. Knowing others find humor in my posts makes me feel less stressed.

- Paul Vincent Alota, MD, family medicine resident/Medical Officer III – Toledo City Gen. Hospital

Advice: Stay at home. Wash your hands frequently. Exercise. Always pray. Let us be united in fighting this disease by cooperating with authorities. If we can, avoid unnecessary criticism and too much politicking. The proper time to argue and bicker will come. But for now, preservation of life and survival of our nation is our top priority.

Lighten Up: Even with the threat of infection, I always think about my family, fiancée and people close to me. Aside from playing video games and working out at home to lighten the mood and release the stress, it is in serving the people and caring for the sickly that give me the greatest sense of joy and fulfillment.

- Jude Ross Avila, MD, Adela Serra Ty Memorial Medical Center, Tandag City


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