ANGELES CITY -- The 15,000 strong federation of Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) here announced its support to local candidates with proven record in advancing moral and family values in the May polls.

PTA Federation has endorsed businessman and realtor Lener Biag, who is running for city councilor.

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Biag, lone Nacionalista Party official candidate in the city, carries "Ang Pamilya - Ang Tanging Yaman" as his campaign platform.

Acting Federation President Emereciana Sibug said that most City Council bets are running under varying programs except the promotion of family values and children's welfare.

Biag placed sixth in the Federation’s survey held on March 15 to 22, which determines the leading city council aspirants, Sibug said.

Biag is the son of lawyer Ner IS Biag, former Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus in the city, and Letty Biag, a lay leader and former head of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate here.

Two other surveys placed Biag in the top ten of probable winners, with five bets from the Nepomuceno team and four from the Pamintuan group in the list, Sibug said. (Press Release)