CEBU CITY -- The father of a slain businesswoman has accused the husband of San Fernando Mayor Lakam-bini Reluya as the mastermind in the killing of his daughter last year.

Luis Jore, in his affidavit submitted to Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office dated March 8, alleged that Ricardo Reluya, Mayor Reluya’s husband, “masterminded” the shooting to death of his daughter, Lalaine, last February 17, 2009.

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The killing was “motivated by jealousy and business interest,” according to Jore’s affidavit suing Ricardo for murder.

But the Reluyas dismissed the complaint as “politically-motivated.”

Mayor Reluya told Sun.Star Cebu in a phone interview Tuesday night that they were not aware of the complaint.

“We will answer (the charge) as soon as we receive a summon. I am sure it’s politically motivated,” the mayor said.

The mayor also questioned the timing of the filing of the complaint, which was lodged at the City Prosecutor’s Office barely two months before the May elections.

Like his wife, Ricardo also said he has yet to receive a copy of the complaint. He said they will answer it once they receive summons from the court, adding that he was not “really familiar” with the complainant.

Lalaine, 32, who owns Gorordo Convenience Store and Internet cafe on Gorordo Ave. in Barangay Camputhaw, this city, sustained multiple gunshot wounds, in the right side of her chest, armpit, face and arm.

She was taken to the nearby Perpetual Succour Hospital after the shooting.

The police have filed murder and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunitions complaints against retired Philippine Army Sergeant Filomeno Amistad for the killing of the businesswoman.

A separate complaint for violating Republic Act 8294 was also filed against Amistad after an unlicensed 9mm pistol with seven bullets was seized from him upon his arrest near his house in Barangay Poblacion III, Carcar City recently.

In his affidavit, Jore said Lalaine was in the brokerage business for several years when she was introduced to Ricardo, who was then an examiner of the Bureau of Customs-Port of Cebu. The two then had an affair, he said.

Later, he said Ricardo put up an office for his brokerage business and used it to “manipulate the business/brokerage business” of Lalaine.

When his daughter was shot, Jore said his other daughter, Louella, called up Ricardo but he replied “Unsaon man na nako? Naa ko sa Dipolog (What can I do with that? I’m in Dipolog).”

Jore said it made them curious because Ricardo frequently asked questions about people visiting the wake of Lalaine. He claimed that Louella even received death threats from Ricardo.

Since September 2008, Jore said that Lalaine had wanted to end her relationship with Ricardo because she wanted to renew her life but the suspect reportedly refused to let go.

Jore said there were instances when Lalaine called up her sister to accompany her because she feared that Ricardo would harm her.

Jore said that Ricardo used to carry high-powered firearms when going in and out of their residence and had appeared to have wanted “to silence us.”

After the death of Lalaine, Jore said Ricardo did not show any concern towards his slain daughter.

“Without Ricardo (Reluya), my daughter would not have been killed as she had no other enemy except Reluya,” said Jore.

Jore said that Amistad was actually a “protégé” of Ricardo. Two witnesses also executed separate affidavits corroborating the allegations of Jore. (GMD/Sun.Star Cebu)