CEBU City mayoral candidate Georgia Osmeña went under the knife last Monday night to have her gall bladder removed, following months of extreme and “unbearable” pain caused by bladder stones.

The surgery kept Georgia from attending the candidates’ forum organized by nongovernment organizations yesterday afternoon, and will also keep her from campaigning on the first day of the local campaign period on Friday.

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“Change of plans, maybe after the weekend because I am in the hospital now. I just had surgery last night to remove my gall bladder and so I have to rest until the weekend,” she said in a text message, when asked about the plans of the GO, the group she formed to offer Cebu City voters alternative candidates.

Georgia said that she has been having pains for the past few months, but she kept putting off the surgery and hoped to have it after the May 10 elections.

The pain, however, became unbearable, she said, that is why she decided to have her gall bladder taken out.

She earlier planned to have the surgery during Holy Week but the doctors reportedly told her that it might be too late.

“Yes, I am okay na. I just had to remove the gall bladder with the stones. I just need to recuperate for a few days then I will be as good as new, minus the discomfort,” she said yesterday.

Georgia is the youngest sister of Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña, who also had his urinary bladder removed last year as part of his cancer treatment. The mayor has since recovered from the illness.