NEGROS Occidental Provincial Police Office (Noppo) now has 64 very important persons (VIP) security policemen.

These policemen have completed their training on VIP Security and Protection Course Class 55-2010 by the Philippine National Police (PNP) Training Service, led by newly promoted Police Chief Superintendent Charles T. Calima Jr., Ceso VI and Regional Special Training Chief Police Superintendent William Señoron.

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The graduation rite was held Tuesday at Noppo in Camp Alfredo Montelibano Sr., Bacolod City.

Calima told the first batch of graduates to continue honing their skills even after graduation and bring what they have learned from the training to the workplace.

“This is essentially what successful training and transfer of knowledge is all about. At the Training Service, we measure our success not in terms of the number of classes we conduct and the number of graduates but on the number of students who bring to their job the knowledge, skills, values and right attitude that they have learned from the training. This is the only way we can successfully transform the PNP into a more capable, effective and credible police service,” he said.

He said that escorting VIPs is a challenging task but a noble one, as “one has to risk his or her own life for the VIPs. Alertness and foresight are not enough for this job. It’s about sacrificing one’s life. As the saying goes:” Be willing to die so that others may live.” You have to place yourself between your subject and the assailants. One has to be a very special cop to when performing as VIP security and protector.”

Calima said that he considered Negros Occidental as his priority area because he was once the provincial police director and a Negrosanon by choice.

Provincial Police Director Manuel Felix said this is a very significant occasion for Noppo and the province, as well as policemen were properly trained to do the VIP security and protection.

This will be an added asset to the Noppo being adjudged as the Best Provincial Police Office Region wide.

Police Superintendent Calixto Mabugat, class president, said that with the training, the misconception that VIP escorts coerce and intimidate others is now changed to a more dynamic and professional public safety officers.

“The training has changed our outlook as police officers. We are now ready to face the challenge of performing VIP security and protection. To our mentors, we won’t let you down as we will do our best to strive for excellence,” he said. (TED)