THE enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) surely bores adults and kids alike. If you're running out of activities that your children can enjoy, fellow moms can actually help with their own ideas. They will teach you tips and tricks on how they were able to manage everything.

Personally, reading for books for Yanna is not what I love doing before the ECQ because I am impatient. However, things have changed now. Well, I'm still impatient but at least I have the passion to read books for my daughter. What motivates me? She had cultivated an innate interest for books whether as reading materials or something she plays with. It is something I don't want to take for granted.

Gadgets down, mommies. Take note of these favorite mom and kid activities from the Davao Mommy Bloggers.

Tricia Lim

The reason I became a teacher is because I want kids to love reading. Reading is like entering a new world while learning. As much as I want to give in to my kids' request of daily gadget use, I make sure they read a book for 30 minutes to an hour.

Andrea Taylor

My first favorite activity with the kids is doing Yoga, we love doing family exercises but after we exercise we do our second favorite activity -- paint! We paint on paper, canvas, old tissue rolls, and today, eggs!

Mary Jane Dionela

The Covid-19 pandemic and ECQ had been life-changing experiences for all of us so far. It made us discover the beauty of Urban Gardening. I've learned the importance of things that I used to take for granted like breathing, a hug, a smile, quality time. It gave me the chance to reflect and rediscover how I am living my life. I will be forever grateful for this chance to change and be mindful. I am going back to basic. It's the little things that matter.

Sunshine Debarbo

As much as I really want to take this quarantine as an opportunity to spend quality time with my kids, I was considered a PUI because I had Covid-19 symptoms. I have to isolate myself for 14 days. I am glad that even being married with kids, my husband allowed me to have my own room that made my self-quarantine quick and handy. It's Day-12 today and I am getting better. I have been sleeping, working, learning yoga, journaling, reading, and mostly, watching KDrama.

Katrin Su

My favorite activity at home is listening to podcasts or watching videos. I then pair it with a productive activity such as painting, editing, cleaning, organizing, laying down or anything that I feel at the moment! Watching/listening to other people's content makes me feel that we're all in this together and that we are going through the same thing.

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