MAYOR Oscar Moreno has approved and signed on Monday, April 13, the ordinance that mandates the wearing of face masks by all persons entering Cagayan de Oro and its public places during public health emergency, epidemic or pandemic, and during the community quarantine.

Any persons found not wearing a face mask as mandated will receive a penalty of community service to be administered by the City Public Services Office or the punong barangay of the village where the violation was committed.

The penalty includes two to eight hours of community service.

Minors found violating the ordinance will also be admonished and given a lecture together with their parents or guardians by the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children.

The ordinance, authored by City Councilor Edgar Cabanlas, was approved by the City Council last March 30 after the councilor said the wearing of face masks should be mandatory for people entering public places in the city as a preventive measure to combat the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) threat.

It was last week when Moreno said he will sign the ordinance once the at least 100,000 face masks they ordered are available.

"Mao ng nag order ta og mga mask sa I think mga 100,000 at least and mao na atong i-timing," Moreno said.

"I will sign once the face masks are available. Lisod man gud kaayo nga pirmahan ko and then people do not have face mask. Arang-arang man tong maka afford kay naa nay ila but what about those nga dili maka-afford mao na nga ato silang tagaan," Moreno said.