ANGELES CITY -- A village chief here has appealed to his fellow political candidates not to include mudslinging and character assassination in their respective election campaign.

Salapungan barangay captain Robert Yeen, who is running for councilor here, said he observed that several candidates are resorting to a low-level kind of campaign.

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“Let us stick to issues and programs of government,” Yeen said.

He also asked his fellow candidates not to engage in violence as he cited the recent peace pact signed by politicians who will run for various positions here in the upcoming elections.

The Holy Rosary Parish Pastoral Council and Bishop Pablo David recently initiated a peace covenant signing.

The city police, military, and other civic organizations assisted in the conduct of the peace covenant signing.

Yeen lauded the religious sector for holding the peace covenant.

The village chief earlier asked religious and civic organizations and the media to conduct a candidate forum where a peace covenant will be forged between political candidates who will vie for different positions in the upcoming elections.

He said it is very important for the voters to know the candidates, including their platforms of government.

“The people deserve to know their future leaders. I hope that there will be a candidate forum,” Yeen said.

He also stressed the need of a peace covenant signing among the candidates in order to prevent election-related violence.

“Angeles City is a peaceful place and we cannot afford to be listed as one of the hot spots during the election period,” Yeen said.

He even asked other candidates and their supporters to be calm for the peaceful conduct of election. (Reynaldo G. Navales)