MALACANANG on Wednesday declined to comment on the reason why Department of National Defense (DND) undersecretary Ariston delos Reyes was relieved from his post.

In a press briefing, Chief Presidential spokesperson Ricardo Saludo said Malacañang need not to explain every termination and appointment President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo would make.

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“Alam mo maraming napapalitan or naaalis sa gobyerno, and we do not make it a policy to comment on each one (You know there are many officials in the government who are being removed or replace, and we do not make it a policy to comment on each one,” Saludo said.

He added that commenting on the termination of delos Reyes would only invite more questions from others who also have the same case as the former DND undersecretary.

Instead, Saludo suggested that it will be more substantial if questions about the alleged major investigation and exposes of delos Reyes about his colleagues be brought up and be clarified by the Malacañang or the DND if it concerns them.

“And I understand that he is reported to be somebody involved in this important investigation. You are welcomed to ask about specific investigations that we may have involved with so that we can shed light on whether those investigations are proceeding,” he added.

Delos Reyes has yet to receive explanation about his removal. But even he could not say that it has something to do with the investigations he made against colleagues in the defense department.

During his four years service in the DND, delos Reyes had recommended an investigation against other defense officials for dishonesty.

He also led investigations against officials implicated in an anomalous procurement of helicopters and ammunitions.

Saludo defended that delos Reyes’s termination was part of the “overall reorganization.” He was not the only one removed there were like two or more officials.

“If you explain well two other officials there removed will ask for an explanation too. We just really can’t get into that otherwise all our press briefings will be full of questions of people transferred appointed etc. asking for explanation.”

Saludo said no information yet on who will replace delos Reyes but they are considering an official or an office to handle the function of internal audit and investigation, which delos Reyes vacated. (Jill Beltran/Sunnex)